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Unleash the Fun Anywhere, Anytime with HOOKS! XPLR: The Evolution of Ring Toss Games

Welcome to the next level of entertainment with our latest innovation, HOOKS! XPLR. Building on the classic fun of our original wooden ring toss, we've engineered an experience that will redefine outdoor games and turn any gathering into a vibrant competition.

A New Spin on Classic Fun We took the timeless joy of ring toss and infused it with modern convenience and style. HOOKS! XPLR isn't just a game—it's the centerpiece of head-to-head competition that unfolds wherever you are. Say goodbye to the bulky, stationary games of the past. Our new version is a compact, portable adrenaline rush waiting to happen.

Designed for Convenience Forget the hassle of setup. HOOKS! XPLR is foldable and collapsible, with a shot ladder that seamlessly fits into the base. It's ready whenever you are, eliminating barriers between you and play. Whether you're at the park, beach, or in your backyard, preparation is effortless.

Score Keeper Options We're upping the stakes with an integrated score keeper mountain piece, ensuring every point is counted in the heat of the competition. Want to take the excitement further? Add our custom 3-stackable travel shot glass set, complete with a soft case, perfect for any journey.

Simplicity at Its Finest We've eradicated the need for tying or other cumbersome setup requirements. Adjust the string with unprecedented ease, making it accessible for players of all ages. It's all about focusing on the game and your strategy to win.

Portable and Versatile We believe fun should have no boundaries. That's why HOOKS! XPLR is designed to go wherever you do. Its compact design means you can take the ring toss game from the family BBQ to camping adventures without a second thought.

Join the HOOKS! XPLR Revolution Are you ready to transform every get-together into an epic competition? With HOOKS! XPLR, you're not just playing a game; you're part of a movement. Embrace the convenience, enjoy the innovation, and dive into the thrill of HOOKS! XPLR. It's time to play on your terms.

Want Your Own?  Pre-order your HOOKS! XPLR today and take the first step towards unforgettable fun.

Click here to order now on Kickstarter and start the adventure!

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