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Our Story

It's a lifestyle

Craggy Games was built to help you enjoy the simple things and bring you back to the present moment with interactive and inclusive games. 

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Why games?

Plain and simple, we could all use a little break from all of life's stresses. Often times we find that our minds are living in the past or thinking about the future. We forget to live in the NOW! While playing our unique games you can be in the heat of a friendly battle and totally submerged in that present moment! 

How we "Raise the stakes"

To up the ante, we love raising the stakes with a wager when we play HOOKS! or any game for that matter. It brings an extra intensity that takes any game to the next level. We personally love public embarrassment wagers like sit-ups or push-ups at the bar. Follow our socials for 'Raise the Stakes' wager ideas to try with friends!

The Start of Craggy 

Craggy started as an Etsy listing and it wasn't until Day 96 that the roller coaster began. We posted the viral video on TikTok and we quickly realized the workshop in the one-car garage was going to need a serious upgrade. With the amazing support of our fans, we now have HOOKS! in-stock at a warehouse and are reaching for the stars to grow Craggy Games!


A quirky commentator who's always quick to hit you with a smirk that is sure to grind your gears. Kyle has always been one to turn any situation into a game so Craggy is the perfect fit for him.

Favorite Backyard Game: Polish Horseshoes 

Get hooked!

Join the Craggy family with the ring toss game from the viral originators.