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How to Play HOOKS!â„¢

01. Grab a friend to play against. Talk a little smack and raise the stakes with a wager for the loser.
Hint: pushups in a public place is always fun!

02. Tap your opponent's ring to start then skillfully swing the ring until it lands on the hook.

03. When you land the ring, move the shot cup one space towards your opponent.

04. When the shot cup is off the Shot Ladderâ„¢ at your opponent's end, be sure to celebrate! You won!

Tip: How to Throw

You're probably saying "Oh I've played a big version of this game at my aunt's lake house!" - Well that's good and all, but it won't exactly help you here!

It's all about the touch! Gently release the ring to the side of the hook with a rounded swing to have the best shot at landing it.  

Multiple ways to play

What's great about HOOKS! Ring Toss is there's not just one way to play! Whether it's adding dice or simply turning the Shot Ladder board, you'll never get bored!


Easy to set up

HOOKS! quick assembly makes it the perfect game for any situation. Just 3 durable pieces and 2-steps to get playing!


Let's get craggy!

We get more of the party involved: Turn multiple game modes into team versions or try a group game like King's Cup!


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