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5 Ways to Play HOOKS! with Large Groups

5 Ways to Play HOOKS! with Large Groups

Getting together for Friendsgiving, hometown reunions, or family gatherings around the holidays?  Or do you have Bachelor parties, wedding or work events coming up?  We have you covered with 5 Game Modes that are perfect for large groups.

As you play, don’t forget to ‘Raise the Stakes’ by placing a friendly wager, so the losing players don't get off the hook too easily. 



Think of one of our favorite team based drinking games – Flip Cup.  All you have to do is replace the cups (and spillage!) with HOOKS! and you have the next best game for your large group. 


  • Split into two teams and decide your order.
  • One player from each team taps rings and shoots until they hook the ring.
  • Once a player hooks the ring, it’s the next player’s turn to throw.
  • First team with all players to hook the ring once WINS!
  • Variation: Keep the competition going by incorporating the Shot Ladder – continue to throw in your team’s order until the shot cup is off your opponent’s end.



With this game mode, you’re working together to expose the weak link. It’s all about landing consecutive rings in a row but you must avoid being the first player to miss.  Players are in danger once 3 rings are landed in a row by 3 different players.


  • Organize all players in a circle and decide which player will go first.
  • The first player will throw the ring ONCE and pass it to their left.  If the first player makes it, then the streak to 3 in a row begins.
  • Once 3 consecutive rings are landed, the 4th player needs to land the hook to avoid losing.
  • Losers can either be removed from the circle until there’s one player standing, or keep everyone in the circle and place a wager each round.  


Flashback to grade school recess playing Four Square and the more you won, the longer you played!  Now fast forward with HOOKS! to an equally intense version, but easier on the joints.  See who can outlast everyone in the traditional Shot & Ladder game mode.


  • Gather all players who want to compete for the crown and decide the first two players to go head to head.
  • The first two players will play Shot & Ladder – winner stays, and the loser rotates to the bottom of the order. 
  • Keep track of who you beat as the rotation continues until one player beats everyone and is the KING!



Level up the intensity by incorporating 2 HOOKS! in our version of ‘Stack Cup’.  This game mode is perfect for groups with larger table space and who like high-paced games.


  • Organize all players in a circle and place the 2 HOOKS! with players at opposite ends.
  • Start the game by landing the ring and passing it to your left.  Keep shooting until you land the ring!
  • If HOOKS! catch up to one another, and the player to the right lands the ring first, they “stack” HOOKS! and that player is out.
  • Once the game is down to the final 2 players – switch to the traditional Shot & Ladder game mode to determine the winner!  
  • Variation: Interested in a drinking version? If you get stacked, you must stop throwing and take a drink. Then you can continue to throw and play continues. If you land on your FIRST attempt, you can pass HOOKS! to anyone in the circle - be strategic with your choice!



Want to level the playing field and combine skill & smarts?  Look no further than the ‘Trivia & Toss’ game mode by incorporating trivia questions into the mix.  You can download and use apps (e.g., Trivia Crack) or have everyone submit a few trivia questions to get started. 


  • Select a moderator to ask the question and have two opponents on either side of HOOKS!
  • The moderator asks the question, and the two opponents respond.  The first to respond correctly gets to throw the ring ONCE.  If they land the hook, they win the round.  If they miss, then no one gets the point for the question.
  • Play best 2 out of 3 rounds to declare a winner (keep playing if tied after 3 rounds).
  • Two new players are up and the fun continues!

We’d love to hear about your gatherings and parties with HOOKS! Share your videos with us and we’ll feature it on our social media! 



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