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25 Dares of HOOKS! for your Holiday Parties

25 Dares of HOOKS! for your Holiday Parties


Spice up your parties around the holiday season with these 25 holiday-themed dares by Craggy Games. Use our Printable PDF to randomly draw a dare before each HOOKS! game, and the loser must perform the dare! Descriptions are below. Let's see that holiday cheer!


01.  Snow Angels
Get outside and make some beautiful snow angels (No snow, no problem – the grass is just as embarrassing). Watch video!


02.  Candy Cane Fish-Hook
Ever been fish-hooked when you were wide-mouthed in a mid-yawn? This is the same thing, but instead of someone’s gross finger, use a couple candy canes.


03.  Santa’s Naughty List
This Santa wants to know why you’ve been so naughty this year.  Hop up on the winners’ (or a past losers’) lap and let them know all the naughty things you’ve done this year.


04.  Santa’s Nice List
The group isn’t so sure that you should be on Santa’s Nice List this year.  Let everyone know why you deserve to be labeled a “good”. 


05.  Charity Donation
'Tis the season of giving! Spread holiday cheer to those in need. Need help choosing -  IMO you can never go wrong with puppies, veterans or children!


06.  Human Present
Grab the wrapping paper and red bow – looks like you are the big present this year! Winner wraps you up like a present and places you under the tree! 


07.  12 days of Christmas Song
Clear the throat and give everyone the serenading of a lifetime with the timeless piece “The 12 Days of XMAS”.  If you want to add an extra layer to this one, rap it!


08.  Reindeer Rides
Give the winner (or everyone in the party) a ride on your back, just as they imagined it would be like if they had their very own Rudolph!


09.  Face Cookie Decorating
Everyone has a sweet tooth! Get out the frosting, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and powdered sugar to make “face cookies” where your face is the cookie!


10.  Santa’s Bag of Toys
Winner delivers toys to all those at the party. Guess who’s the bag…YOU! Feel free to get creative – maybe it’s a sleeping bag, a rolled up blanket, or it’s just you getting pulled around by your feet.


11.  Bundle-up
Brrr it sure is cold! Layer up with everyone’s winter clothing so you don’t get frost bite – Bonus idea: play where each time someone loses they need to add an article of clothing.


12.  “Do you hear what I hear?”
Every time someone uses your name you must respond with this simple melody “Do you hear what I hear?”.


13.  Phone Call Holiday Song Lyrics
Call someone and you can only talk using holiday song lyrics.  Go until they realize what you are doing or they hang up on you.


14.  Ice Skating
The floor has turned to ice - pretend you have your ice skates on to get around!


15.  Human Tree Decorating
Let’s turn you into a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree filled with candy canes, ornaments, string lights, wreaths - really anything they can get their hands on!


16.  Snowball Island
Everyone unleash their inner ‘Buddy the Elf’ by launching a plethora of snowballs your way while you are stuck on a tiny island.  Watch video!


17.  Mistletoe
Everyone all the sudden has mistletoe dangling over them. Walk around and kiss everyone on the top of the head and whisper “HO-HO-HO”.


18.  Outdoor Rings
Head outside and don’t come back until you’ve landed 12 rings on HOOKS! If there is snow, pop a squat! Watch video!


19.  “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Duet
You have the mic – give everyone a musical duet to the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with HOOKS! as your duet partner.


20.  Max from the Grinch
Losing has turned you into Max the dog! Wander around the house until you find a few chew toys to gnaw on and a water bowl to quench your thirst.


21.  String Light Spin-up
Grab the end of the string lights and spin! When fully covered, give it the true Griswald introduction for everyone to enjoy the beautiful light show! Watch video!


22.  Santa’s Little Helper
Be a good little elf and make sure everyone has everything they need (drink refills, a snack, a back scratch).


23.  Holiday Painting
Let your inner-artist shine! Pick out some condiments from the fridge and get finger painting!


24.  Frosty the Snowman
Turn yourself into Frosty – maybe a big puffy coat, some toilet paper, a top hat, a carrot. Frosty can only move when no one is looking. Bonus: make another punishment if someone catches Frosty moving.


25.  Ice Cube Hand-full
Cool off after that loss with a handful of ice cubes (hold until they melt away!).


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