1. I see your products are in preorder status. When are they expected to ship? We are currently expecting delivery times up to 6 weeks from your purchase date. We are working extremely hard to crush those lead times and get HOOKS! in your hands as soon as possible!  

2. Do you ship internationally? We absolutely do! Fun should not have any geographical boundaries!

3. Do you have a corporate program? We have options for corporate partnerships.  Please send inquiries to partnerships@craggygames.com

4. General questions about HOOKS! Shoot us an email at support@craggygames.com or use our built in message form on our 'Connect' page

4. I cannot for the life of me land the ring on the hook. Is there a strategy? Yes! It is all about the angle you are releasing the ring.  We won't give away the secret sauce, but try not to aim directly at the hook :)

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