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Thoughtful Design

Simple, smooth to touch, and handcrafted for an authentic look: centerpiece in your home bar or the life of the party in the game room. 

Pre-strung & Hardware Assembled

We string the ring to the perfect length and screw the hardware; all you have to do is place the rod in the pre-made holes and play!

High Quality

Sturdy and durable: built with 100% Southern Yellow Pine and the perfect size for optimal playability.  Play the heck out of it! 

Multiple Ways to Play

Play HOOKS! by itself, add in the Shot Ladder, or even mix it in with some of your favorite classic games for a fun twist.

2-step Assembly

Press-fit design makes it easy to assemble with only 3 pieces!


Convenient for Travel

No glue or screws makes it easy to take apart for those on the go. Stick in your bag for your day trips or fit it in your suitcase!


Handcrafted in the USA

Each piece is carefully handmade from a dedicated team in the USA. We don't cut corners on quality and it's non-negotiable for us. We are proud to provide the best game on the market, and happy to take a little extra time and money to make sure we get it right!

The quick 2-step assembly makes HOOKS! the perfect tailgating game to help you get ready for any sporting event or concert!

Whether it's game night, you're hosting a birthday party, or going on a girls trip - HOOKS! is perfect for all ages and will liven up any event!

Tired of waiting for Connect Four or darts to open up? The lightweight, yet durable design of HOOKS! allows you to bring the fun with you!


Want to know more?

Check out the Craggy Blog to see what else HOOKS! is good for.


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