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The Craggy Lifestyle


Craggy Games was built to help people enjoy the simple things and to bring them back to the present moment with interactive and inclusive games. 


Plain and simple, we could all use a little break from all of life's stresses. Often times we find that our minds are living in the past or thinking about the future and we forget to live in the NOW!  While playing our unique games you can be in the heat of a friendly battle and totally submerged in that present moment! To really up the focus, we love raising the stakes with a wager when we play any backyard game! 


Created by two longtime friends that have spent countless hours together making up games and trash talking to one another - from hanging around a campfire while calling in the sunrise to floating down a river on a 4x4 inflatable raft fighting for our life not to touch the muck on the bottom. 



A blackbelt in witty comments and notorious for the laser-beam toss in Pong. He is as much brains as he is muscle, which is saying a lot because the dude is strong AF!   Favorite Backyard Game: Cornhole | Bags


A quirky commentator who's always quick to hit you with a smirk that is sure to grind your gears. He has always been one to turn any situation into a game so Craggy is the perfect fit for him.   Favorite Backyard Game: Polish Horseshoes