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5 Reasons Why HOOKS! is Great for Kids!

5 Reasons Why HOOKS! is Great for Kids!

Now I know what you're thinking, “Wait, I thought this was a drinking game?!  How is this kid-friendly?”.

Well, truth be told, this all started with the goal of enjoying the present, and livening up our times together with an unique experience.  So, who says having fun should have age restrictions?  While the game has evolved with the addition of the ‘Shot Ladder’, a simple flip of the shot cup or replacement with a favorite toy instantly changes it from ‘shot cup’ to ‘score keeper’.


5 Reasons Why HOOKS! is Great for Kids:

1. Supports Hand-Eye Coordination & Fine Motor Skill Development
Laser focus and concentration are the secret recipe to mastering this hook and ring game. For each throw a child misses, challenge them to understand why the ring is not hooking. Then, sit back and watch their little gears turn as they begin to figure out the perfect angles to land the ring every time!


2. Fosters Friendly Competition 
Winning and losing are a part of life, and what better way to introduce those experiences than a friendly game of HOOKS! Games are fast and unpredictable so everyone is sure to see a loss at some point. Heck, even Czar loses a fair amount of time, and he invented the game!


3. Spurs Creative Thinking
There is no set way to play HOOKS! Challenge children to think of new variations. Creativity is always encouraged!


4. Keeps the Mind Sharp
Play games where they have to land multiple times in order to win.  First to 5 hooks is a great way to work on counting skills. HOOKS! will have them counting throws, keeping track of their record and maybe even crunching some numbers to get their ‘throw to hook ratios’!


5. Unplugs From Technology 
Playing HOOKS! requires their complete and undivided attention.  Reward children with table-game time instead of screen time.


Have kids you know comment below why they love HOOKS, their records or ways to play that they created!



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