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Thank You Craggy Fam!

Hello Craggy Family!

We are blown away and flattered by your enthusiasm for our HOOKS! & Shot Ladder game!

What started as an excuse for two lifelong pals to spend more time together has transformed into something we couldn't even dream of - THANKS TO YOU!

Folks ask us - "how has this game spread across the internet?!" - and the reason is because we have amazing supporters like you. We're still in disbelief every time we see the Craggy Community engage in social media comment sections to help future Craggers find the game. We truly can't thank you enough for being such avid supporters and contributors to our brand.

Each of you mean a great deal to us and your satisfaction and trust in our brand is priority #1! We are committed to updating you along our journey and are doing everything we can to create a memorable experience.


- Alvy and Czar


We've come a long way from our initial launch day in March of 2020.  Here are some of the most memorable product photos during that time!