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Classic Head to Head - HOOKS! Game Mode

Classic Head to Head - HOOKS! Game Mode
The classic game mode: It’s a race to get to an agreed number of hooks! This fast paced game is a simple game mode and provides endless fun for all ages. You can even raise the stakes by adding on a friendly wager (e.g., if I beat you in HOOKS, you have to take out the trash). 



HOOKS! Ring Toss Game - Burn
HOOKS! Ring Toss Game - Natural



  • Grab a friend. 
  • Touch rings to start the game. 
  • Swing the ring until it lands on the hook. Each ring landed counts as 1 point. 
  • First to score 3 points wins and yells “HOOKS!” (while performing your favorite celebratory dance).
    3 pts = beginner, 5 pts = intermediate, 10 pts = advanced



Teams: Play with any number of friends you want! Determine a set amount of rings you have to land as a team, or per teammate. It’s a relay: the first team to finish wins!

Non-dominant hand: Throw the ring with your non-dominant hand!

Around the World: Try double swings or triple swings! Check out our Instagram Video to see how it’s done!

Body Parts: Time to get a little goofy. Try using your elbow to hit the ring on the hook. Or can you land using your toes? What about head butts? Be sure to share that with us!


Share your variations or stories of your heated battles in the comments below! 



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