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Cup Off - HOOKS! Game Mode

Cup Off - HOOKS! Game Mode

Protect your side: now you're defending your side of the ladder from 3 cups! Get in your opponent's head by choosing to defend your side or go on offense. Or think of it as wagering 3 drinks! 


HOOKS Ring Toss and Shot Ladder Bundle - Burn
HOOKS Ring Toss and Shot Ladder Bundle - Natural

Wooden Shot Cup - 2 pack



  • Place the Shot Ladder perpendicular to your HOOKS Ring Toss Game to create sides. Place 3 shot cups on the three middle circles. 
  • Touch rings to start the game. 
  • Swing the ring until it lands on the hook. When you land the hook, move 1 shot cup on your opponent’s side of the Shot Ladder. If the shot cup is on your side, you must move it back onto the Shot Ladder before you place it on your opponent’s side.
  • Yell “HOOKS!” when all 3 shot cups are on your opponent's side.  


Shot Reward: Are you playing with your favorite drink? Instead of moving the shot cup away from you, move it towards yourself! You win when all 3 shot cups are on your side.

Cash Off: Instead of using shot cups, switch them out for dollar bills. Each time you land the hook, pull the cash towards yourself. First to have all three dollars on their side wins!

Timed: Set a one minute timer. When the time ends, you drink the cups on your side. Cups on the board, have a “throw off” - loser drinks.


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