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Roll N' Ring - HOOKS! Game Mode

Roll N' Ring - HOOKS! Game Mode

Have a pair of dice laying around?  This game mode adds a touch of luck to your skill! 



Two dice

HOOKS Ring Toss Game - Burn
HOOKS Ring Toss Game - Natural



  • Grab a friend. Each player has 1 die.  
  • Round 1, continuously roll the die until you roll a “1” then start throwing the ring.  
  • First to land on the hook wins the round and is awarded 1 point. Pause before the next round.
  • Repeat steps, but now each player is rolling for a “2”, then “3”, etc. for 6 rounds. Points awarded is the number you roll for.  
  • Winner has the most points at the end of 6 rounds! 


Continuous: No rounds or points! Roll a 1, land the hook, then keep on rolling for the next number, up to 6! First to finish, wins!

Share your variations or fastest times below!


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