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Chase - HOOKS! Game Mode

Two opponents playing Chase game mode with tabletop HOOKS! Ring Toss.

If you've ever been chased around the sofa by your older sibling for borrowing their clothes without asking, then you already know the sheer life-or-death intensity this game will create! Grab a friend and their Shot Ladder and get ready to run!



HOOKS! Ring Toss Game and Shot Ladder Bundle - Burn
HOOKS! Ring Toss Game and Shot Ladder Bundle - Natural

Shot Ladder and Cup Scorekeeper


  • Place 2 Shot Ladders side by side and place 2 shot cups on opposite corners. 
  • Touch rings to start the game. 
  • Swing the ring until it lands on the hook. When you land the hook, move your shot cup one space towards your opponent's shot cup. (If using one Shot Ladder, the shot cups are situated next to the spaces off the ladder)
  • When your shot cup catches your opponent’s shot cup, stack it on top and you've won!  



Teams: Each time you land the hook, move the shot cup towards your opponent's. Now get out of the way for your teammate to throw! Continue to alternate throws on your team until you win.


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