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War with HOOKS!

War with HOOKS!

Alright, General! It’s time to lead your soldiers to victory with this twist on the traditional card game by adding HOOKS!. Typically a game that requires zero skill and 100% luck, now has added challenges that will turn your dining room table into a battlefield.



HOOKS! Ring Toss Game and Shot Ladder - Burn
HOOKS! Ring Toss Game and Shot Ladder - Natural

Craggy Mini Playing Cards


  • The deck is divided evenly and kept face down.  
  • Each player flips their top card at the same time. Higher card takes both cards, adding them to the bottom of their stack.
  • When two cards of the same rank are flipped, it is War with HOOKS!. Players race to put 2 cards face down, then swing the ring until it lands on the hook. The first player to land gets all cards; I hope you didn’t have any Ace’s in your face down cards!
  • Play continues until one player wins the whole deck.  

2+ players: Make sure all players have “equal” access to the HOOKS!. Players will need to be more active to be at the right angle, or the War spectator moves the ring toss.

Have a blast and remember, all is fair in love and war!


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