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Craggy: the Validating Moment

Craggy: the Validating Moment

The Scene:

My wife and I were hosting a HOOKS! Ring Toss Takeover for a local brewery, Maker’s Craft, in Norfolk, VA.  The event goes well and after we finish hosting we decide to stick around for a few pints to enjoy for ourselves.  As we drank, we left all the games out on the tables for people to continue playing.


The Situation: 

I notice a table to our left: 5 young adults and a dog - all probably longtime friends.  Despite the perfect setting for a 'live in the moment' experience, something was off:  they were all silent, heads down and nose deep in their darn phones.

In their defense, we've all been here before - you are with your friends and you already know everything about each other - either from constant texting or following their social media on the regular.  There isn't much left to talk about so you go to your phone for support.

It was clear that this crew needed my help, and fast!  I gave Tabi a quick glance and we both knew the next move.  We've got a group of Phone Zombies that needed the 'not so secret' antidote:  HOOKS! and Shot Ladder!

I snag the HOOKS! set and awkwardly place the game on their table.  Their screen-glazed eyes look up from their phones long enough to acknowledge me and hit me with a zombie-like grunt.  Because I am sure HOOKS! is the cure to bring them out from their technology comatose, I push through the awkwardness, give them the 411 on how to play then I left them on their own.


The Validating Moment:

Something truly awesome happened.  Within 10 minutes the table was erupting with energy, friendly banter, belly-laughter and cheers.  Their phones had disappeared and everyone was smiling and living in the moment without a care in the world.

Zombies cured ✓

And for me, this was everything!


The Broader Picture:



Everyone always says follow your passion in order to find happiness and a greater purpose.  But no one ever explains how to know if you're on the right path.  I certainly struggled with this, until this day!

Being able to use something that I've created to positively influence someone's happiness and strengthen the connections to the people they care about is the greatest feeling I could ask for.  And sure, to someone else this moment of the “Zombie table” may be meaningless, but to me it was everything and exactly what I needed to continue fueling the Craggy Games brand.  Many business owners build their foundation on a mission statement that ties closely to their passion and core beliefs.  This is the invisible fuel that your company runs on and a big reason for its success.

However, over time it is extremely easy to get lost in the daily grind to where you lose sight of why you started your business in the first place.  You get pulled further and further down into the weeds and before you know it, all you can see are more weeds and darkness.  How can you run a business when you can't see past your own hand.  I'll tell you.  You can't, or at least can't run it well.



It is from moments like this that refuels our purpose and validates the reason why our brand ever existed in the first place. Though we are just a small tabletop game company, we are changing and positively impacting people's lives all over the world.  For us, there is no greater feeling and we will continue to do so because it is our passion and it's what motivates us every day!

Cheers and stay craggy!


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