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Host a Super Bowl Party with HOOKS!

Host a Super Bowl Party with HOOKS!

This year, go the distance by hosting a game day party with HOOKS! that brings just as much competition as the big game itself!  Craggy is giving you a schedule of HOOKS! inspired games to play while the warriors on the gridiron are doing their thing. Includes a friendly warm-up, activities after each quarter, and how to keep the party going even when the game’s over.  Adding HOOKS! is also great for those friends who are “watching” yet don't know the score, quarter, or even what teams are playing. You know who they are. 

Without further ado, here are great ways to kick up this year’s Super Bowl with HOOKS!  Money pots aren’t necessary but as you know, Craggy loves to raise the stakes :) Or as the host, have prizes for the winner of each round. Cheers!

Before Kickoff: 

As your friends arrive, put their names in a single elimination bracket. Play 1v1 first to 5 - Tap rings and first to land 5 hooks wins! Winners move across the bracket until you’ve got the last person standing! 

After First Quarter:

Play Minute Clinic - Set a timer for one minute and whoever lands the most hooks wins!  Two players can be throwing at once with the dual ring toss HOOKS!

At Half Time:

Sometimes winning comes with a bit of luck! Grab dice and play Roll n’ Ring Timed - Player must roll a 1, land the hook, roll a 2, land the hook, etc up to 6.  Player who completes with the fastest time wins.

After Third Quarter:

Bring in the drinking game classics.  Time a Course Challenge - Bounce pong ball in cup, drink, flip cup then land one ring with HOOKS!  Whoever finishes the fastest, wins.  Check out more Course Challenges here!

End of Game: 

Did your favorite team win?  This last game will either brighten the mood or keep the party going!  Play Shot & Ladder Tournament - Create another bracket and play single elimination for a quicker tournament. OR play Round Robin for smaller groups and those that have more focus and stamina!


Use this Printable PDF for the brackets and record players' scores!

Printable PDF to keep score of HOOKS games


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Leave a comment below on how your HOOKS! party went, and share images or videos with us for a chance to be featured on our social media!


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