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Why Craggy Loves the NFL Playoffs

Why Craggy Loves the NFL Playoffs

We once heard a friend say, “You know what I love about the NFL?. . . It’s real.”

Real? Like, we could reach out and touch it? Hear it and smell it? Well heck, we can do that with hockey, baseball, basketball or even tennis. Save a part of your paycheck and go see a Chicago Cubs or Blackhawks game. Those guys are real, not CGI generated. Taste a Wrigley Field hotdog or feel the cold breeze off the United Center ice. All verified real. Easy enough!

No, everyone who heard that comment knew my friend didn’t mean real in the tangible sense. What he meant was, the NFL is like real life. At least, that’s how we interpreted it. American football is far from perfect, and it will never stop having areas to improve (just like all other sports), but there is no other creation in American society that embodies real life like the NFL.

Craggy knows this because we understand that life on the gridiron requires being in the moment—focused on the now—in sync with those on your team. You need a good offensive line to protect your quarterback: friends. You need a solid defense to make sure your opponent doesn’t run up the score: family. And finally, you need a few trick plays in the game plan to keep things interesting: good times & fun!

On every NFL play, we see grown men pushing themselves to their physical limits, all without guarantee they’ll end the game victorious. Just like those players on the field, you and I aren’t guaranteed anything. Yet, we are constantly taught success will come if we just do this “one thing” on the next play… then the next… and the next. We give everything just to earn a single first down, and we often fall short.

But what we fail to realize is that we are only minutes into the game, gaining valuable field position bit by bit. We can relax and take it one play (or day) at a time! We’ll always have more opportunities to prove ourselves; more offensive drives to make the right decisions and be successful.

Today, Craggy asks you not dwell on the fumbles, interceptions and missed field goals in life, because as soon as your defense forces the other team to punt, you’ll be back on the field to punch it in for a touchdown. And please, always keep those trick plays (good times with friends) on hand, for they’re essential to keeping your helmet on straight!

Here’s a cheers to the NFL playoffs, to the game of life, to being in the moment, and to you.


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